John Wick the IMDB review.

John Wick the IMDB review.

I wrote a review about the movie John Wick, a recent movie. I tried to wrote it in English. Thanks to the spelling control. I managed. I think. I sent it to the IMDB site and they accepted my review.

John Wick(ed) used over a 500 bullets in this movie, at least, I stopped counting after 30 minutes. The acting is a one of a kind pose acting. All movie the same Keanu look. All other players also concerning. It is a one look movie, no change in character, unbelievable flat characters.

the look after the gun

The Kenau Reeves look with one of his guns

The plot is thin as exhaled smoke of a menthol cigarette smoked in the seventies. No bullet  came even close to JW.
When his wife passed away, he took himself a puppy dog, the only affection he showed in the whole movie, sorry; and for his car, a great car, a Mustang. This Mustang was stolen by the son of a godfather and  he killed the dog, it was a young nice puppy, no need to be killed, the doggy was not a threat to anyone, and he never should be in the rest of his life. Then John said ; ‘now you crossed the border’, and he filled and refilled  all the guns he had. It took him a couple a days to kill everyone with his guns. The police had a day off, I suppose.

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